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"Self-taught painter Philippe Alliel began painting instinctively with a common thread of color. Exploration of light and space. His current work is a research, an experimentation of the material and the tools. Sometimes frantically, sometimes with patience and lightness, he paints. A certain taste for the unfathomable, for abstraction.
He mixes colors on the canvas, on the paper, when the paint is still fresh. He sometimes uses water and its random power, the finger, the knife or the brush become his allies to try to master these elements that compose his works.
Philippe Alliel expresses his feelings, his impressions on what has just happened to us during these last 2 years. "This chaos in which we were thrown and this way we found ourselves knocked out. That's what's behind this title. A short breathing period for nature, where our sky was pure, nature was no longer invaded by our physical presence, but also by our sound, by our waste, the pollution stopped, for a while. 
It was the interlude, this parenthesis that makes us discover possibilities, that opens the door to something else and leaves us citizen attentive to an after. But that was before, this short period, before the war at our doors. This relationship with chaos takes on its full meaning, there are these doors that open and let us glimpse possibilities and that suddenly close on barbarism. 
During the last two years I have been attending René Botti's studio with other artists. I have confronted my work with their views, sharing views, impressions, technics.
It is thus a work in mutation that I present. It is now necessary for me to taste the present moment and to share with you this chaotic vision of a world in perpetual movement, and that since the Big Bang.
N° Siret : 81481017200019
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